What Are The Biggest Hotel Chains In The World?

With its vast expanse and global reach, the hotel industry is home to several giants that dominate the landscape. These titans of hospitality offer thousands of rooms across multiple continents and have set industry standards, influenced travel trends, and reshaped the way we experience accommodations. 

But which chains truly stand tall in this competitive arena, and what sets them apart? This article delves into the behemoths of the hotel world, exploring the biggest hotel chains and the secrets behind their global success.

What Are The Biggest Hotel Chains In The World?

Here is a list of some of the major hotel chains around the world:

1. Accor

  • Type: Multinational hospitality company.
  • Headquarters: Issy-les-Moulineaux, France.
  • Number of locations: 5,199 (as of 2020).
  • Brands: Includes luxury brands like Raffles, Fairmont, and Sofitel, as well as popular brands like Novotel, Mercure, and Ibis.

2. Aman Resorts

  • Type: Luxury hotel group.
  • Headquarters: Singapore.
  • Number of locations: 32 resorts, hotels, and private residences in 20 countries.
  • Brands: Aman Resorts is known for its luxury resorts in unique locations.

3. APA Group

  • Type: Japanese hotel chain.
  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan.
  • Number of locations: 638 (as of 2020).
  • Brands: Primarily operates under the APA Hotel brand.

4. Archipelago International

  • Type: Indonesian multinational hotel operator.
  • Headquarters: Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Number of locations: Over 150 hotels across Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
  • Brands: Includes brands like Aston, Alana, Harper, and Quest.

5. Ascott Limited

  • Type: Singapore company that has grown to be one of the leading international lodging owner-operators.
  • Headquarters: Singapore.
  • Number of locations: Over 160 cities across more than 30 countries.
  • Brands: Operates serviced residences under brands like Ascott, Citadines, and Somerset.

6. Avari Hotels

  • Type: International hotel chain.
  • Headquarters: Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Number of locations: Not specified.
  • Brands: Avari Hotels operates luxury hotels in Pakistan and Dubai.

7. Banyan Tree Holdings

  • Type: International hospitality brand.
  • Headquarters: Singapore.
  • Number of locations: 48 hotels and resorts, 64 spas, 74 retail galleries, and 3 golf courses in 28 countries.
  • Brands: Known for its luxury resorts and spas.

8. Barrière

  • Type: French luxury hotel and casino group.
  • Headquarters: Paris, France.
  • Number of locations: Not specified.
  • Brands: Operates luxury hotels, restaurants, and casinos.

9. Belmond Limited

  • Type: Luxury hotel and leisure company.
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom.
  • Number of locations: 46 hotel, rail, and river cruise experiences.
  • Brands: Known for its luxury hotels and train journeys.

10. Best Western Hotels

  • Type: International hotel chain.
  • Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
  • Number of locations: Over 4,700 hotels worldwide.
  • Brands: Operates under several brands, including Best Western, Best Western Plus, and Best Western Premier.

What Is The Largest Hotel Chain In The World?

Marriott International stands as the world’s largest hotel chain. Established in 1927 and headquartered in Bethesda, USA, it boasts a vast global presence. With 7,349 properties spanning across various countries, Marriott offers a staggering 1,380,921 rooms to guests worldwide.

Its diverse portfolio encompasses multiple categories, from luxury to select, ensuring a wide range of options for travelers. This extensive reach and variety solidifies Marriott’s dominant hospitality industry position.

Who Is Bigger Hilton Or Marriott?

Marriott International surpasses Hilton Worldwide in size. Established in 1927, Marriott boasts 7,349 properties with 1,380,921 rooms globally. In contrast, Hilton, founded in 1919, operates 6,478 properties comprising 1,019,287 rooms. 

While both are prominent players in the hospitality industry with a rich legacy and global presence, Marriott’s larger portfolio of properties and rooms gives it an edge over Hilton in terms of sheer size. This distinction positions Marriott as the more expansive of the two chains.

What Is The Richest Hotel Chain In The World?

The list provided is a comprehensive overview of various hotel chains around the world. While the list is extensive, it does not directly indicate which hotel chain is the richest. However, some of the most notable and largest hotel chains mentioned include Accor, Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International, and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. 

Each of these chains has a significant number of properties and rooms worldwide. To determine the richest hotel chain, one would need to consider factors like revenue, net income, and overall market capitalization.

Bottom Line

The biggest hotel chains in the world, such as Marriott, Hilton, and InterContinental Hotels Group, have established their dominance through a combination of expansive global networks, diverse brand portfolios, and a consistent focus on guest experience. 

Their success is rooted in sheer numbers and their ability to adapt to changing market dynamics, innovate in the realm of hospitality, and cater to a wide range of traveler needs and preferences. 

As these chains continue to expand, their influence on global travel and hospitality trends remains undeniable.

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