O’Charley’s closes 18 restaurants in one day

In a significant move, O’Charley’s, a well-known casual dining chain, closed 18 of its restaurants in a single day, marking a substantial shift in its operations. This decision comes after the chain faced numerous challenges, including declining sales and changing consumer habits. This blog will explore the reasons behind these closures, the impact on the chain, and its future strategies.

The Closure of 18 O’Charley’s Restaurants

A Sudden Decision

O’Charley’s abruptly closed 18 struggling locations, a decision that reflects the challenges the chain has been facing since the pandemic. The closures were part of a strategic move to set the chain up for future success. CEO Craig Barber likened the closures to “pruning the vines at a winery” for the overall health of the company​​.

A Broader Context

These 18 closures follow an earlier decision where O’Charley’s had already shut down 33 restaurants in the second quarter of the year. This means the chain has closed more than a third of its total units in 2023​​. This drastic reduction in its restaurant count reflects the broader economic challenges and shifting market dynamics the chain has been grappling with.

The Underlying Causes

Long-Term and Immediate Challenges

The closed stores were battling both long-standing and immediate challenges. Over the years, the trade areas around these restaurants changed significantly, with nearby malls and retailers closing or relocating, leading to reduced foot traffic. The shift towards online shopping during the pandemic exacerbated this trend. Additionally, O’Charley’s faced rising rents and a 19% increase in commodity costs, which further strained its finances​​.

Declining Sales

From 2017 to 2022, O’Charley’s systemwide sales plummeted by 34%, and its unit count decreased by nearly a third. Although 2021 saw a brief respite with improved sales, the situation worsened in 2022. The chain began the year on a positive note, but sales declined progressively from February onwards​​.

Moving Forward: Strategies and Promotions

Refocusing on Remaining Locations

Following the closures, O’Charley’s is now concentrating on its 91 remaining restaurants, mostly company-owned. The chain is seeing a gradual improvement in same-store sales, despite them still being negative year over year. This improvement is partly attributed to new value offers aimed at attracting customers​​.

New Promotions

O’Charley’s has launched several promotions to entice customers. These include a partnership with Coca-Cola and NASCAR, offering a $5 meal deal on Mondays, and the reintroduction of the popular Free Pie Wednesday. They also started a Shrimp Lovers Weekend promotion, offering special deals on shrimp dishes during weekends. These promotions are designed to appeal to price-conscious diners, especially important as inflation continues​​.

Conclusion: Navigating a Challenging Landscape

The closure of 18 O’Charley’s restaurants in one day is a significant development for the chain, reflecting the harsh realities of the current economic environment and the restaurant industry. By focusing on its remaining locations and launching new promotions, O’Charley’s is making efforts to adapt and thrive despite these challenges. The future for O’Charley’s will depend on how well it navigates these ongoing economic pressures and evolving consumer preferences.

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