7 Southern Hotels Giving Us Major Design Inspiration

Beyond its reputation for warmth and hospitality, the South is a center for inventive and invigorating design. Every single one of these seven hotels embodies the quintessence of Southern allure and harmoniously merges it with unique design components to produce aesthetically pleasing and welcoming environments. In this article we will explore 7 southern hotels giving us major design inspiration.

7 Southern Hotels Giving Us Major Design Inspiration

Here are the 7 Southern hotels giving us major design inspiration

1. The Industrial Chic In Alabama’s Birmingham

The conversion of a former steel foundry in Birmingham into this fashionable hotel exemplifies the pinnacle of industrial design. By incorporating reclaimed wood and original steel supports, the lobby exudes an atmosphere that is both rustic and refined. The contrast between the rugged industrial backdrop and the contemporary art installations makes it a favorite among design enthusiasts.

2. The Grand Dame’s House In South Charleston, Georgia

This jewel in Charleston emanates the opulence of the past. The interior design incorporates elements of European influence while paying homage to the elegance of the South. A period of sophistication and elegance is evoked in the guest rooms through the use of hand-painted wallpapers, silk draperies, and antique furnishings.

3. Modernist Oasis, located In Nashville, Tennessee

The hotel in Nashville is distinguished by its audacious modernist architecture. Internally, elegance and simplicity predominate. By combining bursts of color with monochromatic color schemes, an interior can be created that is both dynamic and harmonious. The focal point of the atrium is an exquisite modern sculpture that serves as a reflection of the dynamic music scene in the city.

4. The Savannah, Georgia Coastal Retreat

The design in this instance draws inspiration from the scenic allure of the Georgian littoral. Light from the outdoors illuminates the rooms, elaborating on the delicate pastel hues and understated maritime embellishments. Balustrades that provide views of immaculate gardens provide an idyllic ambiance for visitors to relax in.

5. The Bohemian Rhapsody, Louisiana, New Orleans

This New Orleans hotel embodies the artistic ethos of the city. An eclectic blend of local art, vintage discoveries, and contemporary comforts adorns each room. An urban oasis is fashioned from the communal spaces’ verdant indoor gardens, which symbolize the city’s penchant for the extraordinary.

6. Lexington, Kentucky’s The Countryside Manor-

Situated amidst the picturesque rural country of Kentucky, this manor embodies all that is Southern at heart. Leather armchairs, equestrian artwork, and classic books stacked in wooden bookcases all contribute to a comfortable, library-like ambiance. Featuring comfortable seating and fire pits, the external areas are ideal for taking in the tranquil countryside.

7. The Urban Retreat Is located In Atlanta, Georgia.

Located in the center of Atlanta, this hotel epitomizes modern elegance. Elegant and sophisticated, the interiors feature a curated collection of contemporary art. A tranquil retreat from the bustle of the city is provided by the leisure and wellness center, whereas the rooms offer panoramic views of the city skyline.

These hotels transcend their status as mere lodging establishments and transform into independent destinations. Each provides a distinct insight into the intersection of innovation and tradition in Southern design. Whether you are a design enthusiast or simply desire a fashionable retreat, these hotels in the South are certain to inspire you and leave you wanting more.

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