7 Places To Enjoy Holiday Afternoon Tea Around The South

Known for its warmth and hospitality, the southern United States becomes even more enchanted during the holiday season. An enjoyable custom that exemplifies this ethos is the afternoon tea during the holidays. A period to decelerate, indulge in delectable beverages and sweets, and take pleasure in the celebratory ambiance. In this article we will explore 7 Places to enjoy holiday afternoon tea around the south.

7 Places To Enjoy Holiday Afternoon Tea Around The South

Here are the 7 places to enjoy holiday afternoon tea around the south

1. The Grand Floridian, Orlando, FL

The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Orlando provides a holiday tea experience with a Victorian motif. Upon entering the opulent lobby embellished with holiday decorations, one is instantly swept back in time to an age of sophistication. Served to the accompaniment of a live pianist are seasonal teas, exquisite finger sandwiches, and pastries with a holiday theme.

2. The Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, VA

The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond has been serving afternoon tea for more than a century. This tradition becomes more cherished during the holiday season. Elegant holiday-decorated throughout the historic hotel, an assortment of beverages accompanied by seasonal delicacies are served. The experience is a fusion of southern history and holiday spirit.

3. The Peabody, Memphis, TN

Regarding The Peabody An allure of Memphis is its enchanting afternoon tea. This custom acquires a festive essence during the holiday season. Served in its ornate lobby, patrons may savor delectable pastries, specialty teas, and scones while taking in the exquisitely appointed ambiance and possibly spotting the renowned Peabody ducks.

4. The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans, LA

For afternoon tea, the Davenport Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans is decorated as a holiday idyll. Incorporating Creole-inspired delicacies into the tea ceremony imparts a distinctive New Orleans flavor to the conventional tea encounter. Embrace the live jazz performance that enhances the opulent and joyous ambiance.

5. Driskill Hotel, Austin, TX

Located in the center of Austin, the historic Driskill Hotel presents a holiday tea tradition with a distinct Texan flavor. Their afternoon tea features an assortment of regional teas and delicacies that exemplify the tastes of Texas. Extravagant furnishings and live music enhance the jubilant atmosphere of the hotel.

6. The Biltmore, Asheville, NC

During the holiday season, the Biltmore Estate in Asheville is a site to behold due to its magnificent lights and decorations. Served in the elegant dining room of the estate, their afternoon tea consists of an assortment of teas cultivated on-site and traditional holiday treats. It is a genuinely magnificent experience in a luxurious environment.

7. Charleston Tea Plantation, Charleston, SC

A holiday tea experience with a distinctive flavor can be found at the Charleston Tea Plantation. In addition to savoring a lavish afternoon tea, visitors have the opportunity to explore the sole tea plantation in North America. It is an ideal blend of learning, leisure, and celebration for the holidays.

Beyond mere tea offerings, these seven establishments curate an unforgettable holiday experience by harmoniously integrating elements of tradition, opulence, and the hospitable nature of the South. Whether you are seeking a festive outing or are a tea connoisseur, the following locations are certain to captivate and please during this season of celebrations.

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